How Massage Keep Your Muscles Healthy.

Therapeutic applications of Massage: The interest in therapeutic applications of Massage Therapy has increased ​significantly over the last 30 years. Numerous studies have been done for the purpose of determining the exact physiological effects caused by Massage Therapy. The experiments clearly show that every function of the Human body, benefit significantly from the various techniques or systems…

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The 10 billion dollar drain on the health care system

You’re going to be very thankful that you are reading this week's blog post.Why?Because today we have a very important message for you. Today you’ll receive the most critical knowledge needed to help you stay safe and healthy during the Summer months.It is about one of Canada’s most serious public health concerns.It is the leading…

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8 Powerful reasons to exercise first thing in the morning

Although exercise is profoundly beneficial no matter what time of day you choose to do it. The one thing about exercise you should know is that morning exercise is the best! You don't have to run a marathon. According to some studies a 20 min brisk walk is good enough.You can also try 30mins of Tai Chi,…

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