If you are between ages 25-55  you should read this……

We have to be honest, we all get stressed out and hurt our bodies – sometimes bad, sometimes not so bad. 

No matter how bad we mess up ourselves – we have to do what’s best to get back in our body’s good books.

One of the easiest ways to dig yourself out, is to pamper yourself with a Massage. You deserve some special attention too, am I right?

What I am about to share with you will make it easier to go get pampered. “Stress WILL make you sick!!”

According to Jerrold Greenberg – who is a stress management expert, ” An increase in serum cholesterol during stressful periods can contribute to increases in pain sensations, hypertension and heart disease”

Do your think decreasing the risk of heart disease is a good idea?

I know your time is short….

Too many things piling up at work…..

​ Lots to do at home… 

It is tough to even think about yourself most of the time. But the scary thing is that stress and Pain doesn’t magically go away and the number one reason is; the lack of proper professional care. 

So lets get this problem fixed asap!

I am inviting you to come see your therapist once a month for the rest of this year.

How does this benefit you?…

Your therapist will have an ongoing 30 day update of your health. If there are any abnormal changes in your body, your therapist will likely notice it quickly and make corrections or suggestions.

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    Should have a yearly package deal

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