The 10 billion dollar drain on the health care system

You’re going to be very thankful that you are reading this week’s blog post.


Because today we have a very important message for you. Today you’ll receive the most critical knowledge needed to help you stay safe and healthy during the Summer months.

It is about one of Canada’s most serious public health concerns.

It is the leading cause of hospitalization for children, young adults, and a major cause of disability and death.

“What is it that I’m talking about,” you asked?

I’m talking about seasonal related injuries.

Yes, these types of injuries drain over $10 billion from the Canadian health care system. And in a vast quantity of these injuries alcohol was a factor.

I’ve been guilty of having too much to drink at the cottage then decide that going for a late night swim was a good idea. I was lucky to get away with it but some are not so lucky.

According to Dr. Vu of the Vancouver general hospital: “ during the summer we see more outdoor-related injuries, especially ones involving alcohol”. He said the five most common injuries are:

1) Accidents on pedal bikes and mountain bikes are huge – people are always coming in with bumps and bruises.

2)Motor Bike injuries: Not as many as pedal bikes, but they can be more serious.

3)ATV injuries (all-terrain vehicles): We see a lot of multitrauma, a range of small and extreme injuries on ATVs.”

4)Beach sports injuries: The most common injury sites are the low back and lower extremities (40% to 60%).The most common types are fractures and sprains-mostly alcohol related.

5)Boating and water-sports: People falling off boats, getting hit by a boat or drowning.

But as grim as this may seem, there is something that can be done.

Let’s face it..accident will happen, however if you are mindful, physically and 
mentally prepared you can prevent,or reduce the effects of these accidents.

So for today, the message is to be mindful and prepared this summer and help reduce one of Canada’s major cause of disability, hospitalization and death for children and young adults.

To your health,

Dr Mark Allen

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