Is  Belly Fat making you feel insecure?……. Use this to reduce it.

Something that dad taught me (and why it’s important to pass on)...“Small daily changes are the key to long-term results”.Meaning that, if you want to get the results you want, it just takes small steps each day…Like eating healthier  and exercising so you can manage your belly fat… even if it’s just replacing one meal a day and…

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Eat Less Live Longer

This week I have two bits of  information that can literally change your life. Here they are: The raw Cacao bean is what makes chocolate. Most people understand that......but they may not know that the proper way to pronounce it, is "kuh-­KOW"...not “co-­‐ co” like most people think....most people also don’t realize that the raw, unprocessed cacao…

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