5 lifestyle habits that will slash your Risk of Chronic Disease by 60 to 70%

Today’s blog will be short because what I have to say is very self explanatory.

Would you agree that healthy living is an unbeatable way to a productive, happy, and disease-free

I thought you would!!!

Recently, scientists have done some extensive research and found that following the 5 lifestyle habits that I’ve listed below is the most effective way to avoid dementia, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and a slew of other chronic diseases.

Here is the list:

1. Exercising regularly (Of the five, exercise proved to be most effective in
preventing dementia and cognitive decline.)
2. Not smoking
3. Maintaining a healthy body weight
4. Eating a healthy diet
5.Keeping alcohol intake low/moderate

According to these researchers, if you adhere to these 5 lifestyle habits your chance of having a healthy life increases by 60-70% 

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Abaigeal Bass.

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