Eat Less Live Longer

This week I have two bits of  information that can literally change your life. 

Here they are: The raw Cacao bean is what makes chocolate. Most people understand that…
…but they may not know that the proper way to pronounce it, is “kuh-­KOW”…not “co-­‐ co” like most people think….most people also don’t realize that the raw, unprocessed cacao bean is one of the healthiest food available.

On the ORAC scale (which measures the antioxidant capacities of different foods), cacao beans are at the top of the charts – more
than double that of beans and wild blueberries)

You would think that means that we can go crazy and eat all the chocolate we would like and live life happily ever after, but no, that not the case -you actually can eat too much of a good thing. 

Here is what the smart people of science have figured out recently. The key to longevity and maintaining our youth is based on the quantity of food we consume not just the quality of food or exercise.

I couldn’t make this up even if I tried. It is a fact that at this point in science, the only proven means that has shown to slow the aging process is chronic caloric deprivation.  

Yes, recent studies have shown repeatedly that decreasing caloric intake long term can dramatically slow down the ever-ticking aging clock.  Scientists surmise that the key mechanism is that reducing calories slows metabolism by reducing levels of the thyroid hormone T3.  

Less T3 means less tissue aging.  

Interesting isn’t it? 

Another  research showed a large photo of an elder rhesus monkey subjected to life-long, “healthy” caloric deprivation right next to the photo of a rhesus monkey of the exact same chronological age fed a typical monkey diet – the visual contrast was simply astounding! In people terms it was  roughly the equivalent of  looking at a picture of a 40 year old next to a 70 year old.
 So while studies on the anti aging effects of calorie restriction in humans are ongoing, I can assure you that cutting back on your calories can definitely lower your risk of developing some of our most common causes of death- heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.  And if that is not enough motivation, consider that over-indulgence likely will give you the extra pounds that can accelerate the internal aging process due to stress on your organs. 

That will be all for this week. I hope you find this information valuable.

Till next time,
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