5 Veggies That Kills Stomach Fat………For Women Only.

​Did you know that Seaweed can play a key role in any weight loss diet? Here is why. ​Seaweed increases the production of Hormones that accelerate combustion of carbohydrates and fats. It also and reduces the adsorption of bad cholesterol. The draw back of seaweed is that it doesn't taste appealing and is high in sodium. So If you…

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9 Easy Steps to get Fit and stay Fit.

Hippocrates left us with many important life lessons and I  want to invite you to imagine the magnitude of one particular Hippocrates quote, “Walking is man's best medicine. ”If this is so according to Hippocrates, the question I have is this: Do we really need to do all those extreme exercises to stay fit?“Simplify”…... the magical…

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