9 Easy Steps to get Fit and stay Fit.


Hippocrates left us with many important life lessons and I  want to invite you to imagine the magnitude of one particular Hippocrates quote, “Walking is man’s best medicine. ”

If this is so according to Hippocrates, the question I have is this: Do we really need to do all those extreme exercises to stay fit?

“Simplify”…… the magical term for you right now. Make it easy for you to do.

“Primum non nocerum. (First do no harm)” Hippocrates. 

I have put together a real treat for you……. its the 9 Easy Steps to get Fit and stay Fit.

Here it is….

Step (1)- Stop dehydrating yourself-If you are eating fresh foods  and drinking  pure water daily, then you don’t need to carry around the water tank to stay hydrated. The 6-8 glasses will do….even if you have a cup of coffee or two….……yes too much is not so good.

“Everything in excess Is opposed by nature.” Hippocrates

Step (2)-Stop or decrease the need for processed foods and drugs- they have no water and very little nutrients in them

Step (3)-Try eating less food so you will need less exercise to burn off any extra calories.

Step (4)-Stop sitting and lying down…..standing is very good exercise.

Step (5) Stop eating just before you go to sleep- you need at least 4 hours between your last meal and bedtime. This will cause you to eat less also.

Step(6) get good sleep every night or day. Night sleep is always better because of the effects of darkness on the Pineal gland when you sleep, however, take it when you can.

Step (7) exercise daily- walking, tai chi, qigong, yoga, swimming, dancing. These are fun and have really good benefits, with very little disadvantages.

Step (8) daily mental exercises. Did you know that the nervous system alone uses up to 21% of  your energy?

Here are some cool stuff to do daily: read, write, paint, draw, sing, play any musical instrument, consciously calculate and play video games.

Its true, anyone of these are good to do daily because exercising the brain will keep it fit.


If you don’t think this stuff is easy, here is another option:
Run 5k, do 10 mins of jumping jacks , do 100 squats, 100 pushups, 100 situps, 2 sets of 3 minutes planks (side and front), 50 dips, and 50 pull ups. Eat a half a chicken,3 potatoes with some steamed vegetables ( no salt or butter).  Drink 1 litre of protein smoothie with at least 6 different frozen fruits in it. Take a half a dozen different vitamins and minerals. Then go sit still and play piano……. 4 times weekly.

You be the judge…..

Thanks you for reading, have a great week!


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