The shoelace was invented on February 9th, 1790

Why am I talking about shoelaces? Actually there are three reasons:

1) The shoelace was invented on February 9th, 1790 and in celebration of this special occasion (a tool we all use every day of our lives) I wanted to share it with you.

2) A reminder for tying up your shoelaces because last week we had 5 incidents of injury caused by tripping over untied shoelaces.

3)  As the letter you are reading involves tying up some loose ends I thought it very appropriate as an attention grabber. In looking back over the past week, I noticed I was not in touch with you and I want to apologize for my mistake.

Today I have breaking News for you…..

February is Heart month and to show appreciation for this great Organ, Esu Massage is reminding YOU to keep it healthy.

You see, studies have shown that blood circulation increased by 42% following a Massage which directly has a positive effect on the function of your Heart.

Do you love your Heart?

Do you want to keep it healthy?

The health of your heart is serious business, so please remember to keep it healthy.

To your health,


PS-Happy belated birthday to Bob Marley( Feb 6), the man who gave us the phrase “One Love, One Heart” 

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