Stressed out? Know 16 ways stress can kill you


How stressed do you get? 

Do you frequently use stress management systems like exercise and massage, to help you cope with your stress? 

If you don’t, here are 16 reasons why you should seriously consider using stress management systems frequently.

1) Stress can cause increase in headaches. Higher stress levels have been associated with greater number of headaches.

2) Stress can lead to greater hair loss. In a study done on female twins. The one experiencing higher stress levels have shown more thinning and greater hair loss.

3) Stress can lead to memory loss. In a recent study, chronic stress has show to cause increase in Glutamate receptor damage which leads to memory loss.

4) Increase in acne and psoriasis. Singaporean researchers reported a significant increase in acne in students during exam times especially among male students.

5) Stress can cause insomnia. A 2010 study showed that a poor and stressful work environment double the risk of developing insomnia.

6) Stress can lead to heart attack. A study in Europe of 200,000 people showed that those with more stressful jobs has a 23% higher chance of getting a first heart attack.

7) Stress can worsen Asthma. In a study done on 5000 adults chronic stress has been show to double the risk on an Asthma attack.

8) Stress increases the craven for sugar and fat. Studies have shown that elevated levels of the stress hormone CRF tends to lead to the craven of sugar. 

9) Stress can interfere with digestion. Increase stress levels can disturb the delicate balance of microorganisms in our guts, leading to multiple digestive problems.

10) Stress increases Belly Fat. Repeated studies have linked the chronic elevation of the stress hormone cortisol  with increase levels of belly fat in the abdominal region even among otherwise slender women.

11) Stress can lead to low back pain. Elevated cortisol levels have been linked to chronic back pain. Stress management is a treatment option for chronic back pain sufferers.

12) Stress results in higher blood pressure which can result in host of health problems including heart disease.

13) Chronic stress can lower the sex hormones levels and ultimately impair the bodies capacity to produce stress hormones too. This can lead to symptoms like fatigue and inability to handle stress and low immunity.

14) Low blood sugar… During stressful time hormones like adrenaline and Cortisol causes our blood sugar to rise. recent studies show that men under permanent stress have 45% higher chance of developing type 2 diabetes.

15) Chronic stress has been shown to affect telomere length which is a key indicator of premature aging.

16)  Stress has been repeatedly shown to weaken immunity. It also show that the duration on the stress not the severity is the most important factor. 

So there you have it, 16 reasons to seriously consider using stress management systems frequently because It could mean a positive change in your life.

To your health.


P.S:  Dr Stephen R Covey who is the author of the book “7 habits of highly effective people” said that the first and most important habit to cultivate is to be proactive.

He said that “being proactive will guarantee that the other 6 habits will develop much easier.”  

So here is your chance, proactive and click this link. Book a massage and start decreasing your stress levels before damage is done.

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