Some pretty big lies in health and wellness!

I want to clear the air.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve heard some pretty big lies in the world of health and wellness.

Here’s one of the biggest: “Just follow your passion, have a positive mind, eat fruits and vegetables and you will have a good healthy life”

Have you heard that one? Well, I wish it was true, but it just isn’t. Here’s why these lies (and all the others that are out there) are so insidious, though: each lie contains a kernel of truth.

Passion, for example, is critically important in building a good life.
Would you agree?

I hate these lies, because they set people up to fail. (Think about it – does it really make sense that it wouldn’t take any time, money, or effort to build a good healthy life?)

That’s not what I want, not for anyone, and definitely not for you.

And that’s why I’m so passionate about being a Massage Therapist. The live, interactive hands-on therapy, gives me the chance to directly help you by removing or reducing your stress and pain.

Would it make your life a bit easier if you had just a little more energy and a little less stress and pain?

That’ what I thought…………

If you are feeling tired, stressed, and suffering from chronic pain, I can help. Just call 416 994 4106 book an appointment, that is your first step to relief.

Thank you and have a great day.

Rachelle Tinio R.M.T

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