Shocking piece of information about women between 35 and 55

Can I be really honest with  you?  

There is something surprising I think you should know. And please do not be offended by the following…….….

Recent studies have shown that of all the people missing work due to illness, 51% of them are women between ages 35-60.

The next shocking piece of information is that the main complaint they present with are headaches, neck and low back pain. Honestly, unless you have an traumatic or pathological injury, this is type of illness is very preventable.

If you are suffering from this type of illness please give serious consideration to your situation.

Imagine, you go to work to earn a living, yet you spend your time and money dealing with preventable illnesses instead of enjoying the fruits of your labour.

Wouldn’t you rather be having fun on your day off instead of laying in bed all drugged up on painkillers?

I won’t even start on what some painkillers do to your stomach….Killer! is the perfect name for them…

If you are suffering from this type of illness I have whipped up a little something for you to make your life easier.

Two to three days of exercise per week,  for about an hour each time.

Full body stretch daily ( especially at work)  for about 10 -15Mins.

One massage per month minimum, no less!!….Once every few months just doesn’t cut it! None of our clients who get regular monthly massage have this type of illness!!

These simple things can significantly help reduce or eliminate this type of illness.

To your health,


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