Head Forward Posture..!! Do you have it?

You see it on the street, especially among people in their 20’s. It’s round shoulders and a straining, craning neck. Computer neck I call it. It’s an occupational problem of the 21st century, just as cooper’s droop or printer’s gate were for our great grandparents.

You could tell a man was a blacksmith because of the droop in his right chest from pounding his hammer on an anvil. You could tell a printer form his walk because he’d overdeveloped one side of his body from pulling his printing machine so ink would press down on paper.

Today we see what I call computer neck. Medical professionals have a better name for it–“head forward posture.”
The solution? Put your head back! Seriously. Use headsets, don’t walk and text, put the device level with your eyes, adjust your desk, chair, keyboard and screen at work so you’re sitting straight, chin tucked slightly in and eyes looking straight out at the screen.

You’ll never know how many headaches you prevented, or the countless neck and shoulder pains you won’t have. But at least no one will be able to guess that you play too many computer games as you walk down the street.

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Abaigeal Bass,

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