Forward Head Posture Self Massage Technique

Let’s me honest to take good care of your self is not cheap- however, it has to be done. That being said, there are some things you can do for yourself to save some time and money. One is a self massage that can help your head forward posture. If you haven’t taken the forward head posture self assessment test click here and do so now. After you are done, if your find that you have a head forward posture you can start correcting it by doing these two exercise on the video ( click here to see). When you are finished doing the exercises you can do a self massage to further help with the correction process  it until you see your Massage Therapist. The video below show you a quick and simple, yet effect self massage technique. Try it out. I guarantee you will feel a change.

Forward Head Posture Massage – Self Massage Technique


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