5 ways to smarter, healthier eating for Spring….

To eat well, you need to combine some nutritional knowledge with a jolt of common sense, and a dash of pure enjoyment.  

Most adults know that fresh salads, berries, and eating slowly is better for us than wolfing down energy bars and sweets………

How many  of us really stay away from the sweet tasting bars…? 

You even say they are healthy…..!!

Lets face it, you have to enjoy your life and your food is very important…

would you agree? 

So what to do………?

My name is Abaigeal Bass and what I have come up with is a 5 step method to eat healthy. Having delicious meals, and really enjoy what you’re eating.

Here we go:

1)  You should  harness the power of nuts (and seeds): Almonds, cashews, filberts, hazelnuts, peanuts, pecans, and pistachios pack plenty of beneficial nutrients, including vitamin E, folic acid, potassium, and fiber. Although many nuts are high in fat, its the good fats – a healthy choice.

How: First, put nuts on the grocery list. Nuts are high in calories, so it’s best to enjoy them in place of other snacks, not in addition, and keep serving sizes small.

2)  Make sure  you taste food before you salt it- Break the addictive habit of reaching for the salt shaker. 

How: For 7 days, don’t put any salt on your food at all. A short break can help reset your taste buds. Then, leave the salt shaker in the cabinet, so it becomes a bit of an effort to reach for it. Make a ritual out of truly tasting your food before you decide if it needs tweaking.

3) Carry lunch with you to work at least twice a week-This makes healthy food choices readily available to you at work. And, since you are controlling portion sizes, you can make sure that you’re not supersizing your meal. Plus, it saves you time and money.

How: Once a week before you shop for groceries, write out a meal plan that includes one or two lunches.

4) Eat 4 (or more) vegetables and fruits per day-This is the key to a healthy life.

How: First, for one week, keep track of how often you eat fruits and vegetables. One serving equals one to half cup of chopped fruit or vegetables. For raw leafy vegetables like lettuce and spinach, a serving is one cup. Once you have your baseline, try adding one fruit or vegetable serving per day.

5) Plan meals that are delightful, delicious and healthy. The truth is, food delights all our senses: it looks beautiful, smells heavenly, tastes delicious, and its textures feels satisfying.
Food sustains life.  We should start thinking about food as something to really appreciate, savor and enjoy.

How: Put aside time to prepare and savor one or two special meals a week. Once you’ve assembled great ingredients, set a gorgeous table. Take a moment to truly take in scents, companions, and surroundings, and I recommend that you give thanks.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!!


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